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Villa Kilo Bar


72' Reg. Sorrel Mare 


Villa Kilo Bar





Kilo Bar Wasp

King Leo Bar

Leo Bar

Totsey H

Roja Wasp

Brown Wasp

Ramona Miss Rocket


Villa 70 Connijo

Melville 58

Grey Badger II

Buck’s Rainy

Dotty Jo 70

King Clegg

Connie Hancock

DECEASED- Villa was my moms old show mare, my mom bought her as a 2-yr old through Bill Collins off of a Dr. in Calgary for $3000- a huge amount in those days!  My mother spent the summer as a student working for lessons with Bill and her new mare. Villa was bred to perform and that she did!  My mom hauled her all over the country to many different shows, placing either first or second -loosing occasionally to her closest friend. Villa had everything it took to be a superstar! And that she was! A few years after my mom married she sold Villa to her friend (the one she showed against) I believe she raised 2 foals in that time then she was sold to a Mormon Family outside of Saskatoon. When we moved onto acreage in 96' my mom tracked Villa down! She was just as she remembered it was strange to see the two together it was like they had never been apart! She met my mom at the gate with a nicker, so mom brought her out and showed me how they used to do their halter classes and Villa set up perfectly! Almost like they never missed a day out of the show pen.  We offered them 1000 for her when she was 22 years old and they wouldn’t let her go as the kids were still riding her and enjoying her. As we drove out of the yard, without a word of a lie, Villa ran down the fence after the vehicle stopping at the end of the driveway, watching us leave almost like she was waiting for us to come back!  A few years had passed and we got a phone call... Villa had gone to Saskatoon for an eye operation. She had been pastured her own son (a Stallion)! Anyways the stallion ran her threw the trees when she unfortunately poked her eye with a branch. They removed the eye and she came threw. She was going to be okay! And that was that! About 4 months later we got a call again, this time it was to see if my mom was interested in buying her.  She had a foal at side by her own son, who had gone through the surgery and survived the anesthetics etc. My mom agreed to purchase her and when we got there with the trailer, like before... Villa met us with a nicker. But this time it wasn’t the same nicker.  When my mom seen her she was instantly sickened.  Villa was severely underweight at 25 years old supporting a happy healthy Sorrel Stud Colt! (Whom we still own to this day) anyways we brought her home got her teeth floated soaked all her food and she started to gain it all back! One March morning I had gone out to feed Villa her Morning Mush of Beet Pulp Oats Molasses Rolled Corn Flax and Corn Oil, When she wasn’t there to meet me with her "Good-Morning" nicker I knew something was wrong instantly.  I came across her in our horse shelter before she had passed away.  She nickered at me as soon as she heard my voice it was one of the hardest moments of my life!  I picked up her head and softly brushed her forelock to the side and patted her.  I told her it was going to be alright.   As I sat there watching my moms best mare pass away all I could think about was how my mom used to tell me as a kid all about the times she had shared with Villa. I guess you could say it was Villa that was responsible for making me as horse crazy as I am today! I wanted to share this story. As this mare has forever changed the lives of me and my mom.  As well, if there is anyone out there who knows of any offspring directly related to "Villa Kilo Bar" I would be willing to purchase them!


Villa and my Grandma

The Day we Brought Villa and "Trigger" home