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97' Grade Grullo-Overo Gelding



This Flashy Grullo Gelding was bred raised & broke by Tom Bailey of Pierceland Sask. Cactus is all chromed up with great bone, substance, and great conformation.  Cactus would make a great pasture, feedlot or ranch using horse.  However he needs regular maintenance to his feet. I used this horse in 4-H one year, he is very good around other horses, and is very cowy as well!! I took him to vermillion regional 4-H show and everyone fell in love with his quirky personality and unique markings!  Cactus has also been used on numerous trail rides, wagon trains, brandings, ranch work, etc. I have been offered big money for him because of his color, but at the time, my brother was not willing to part with him! This is one flashy looking mount!! Cactus has never been lame, is a very tough, solid horse!! Only reason he is for sale is because my brother has a rope horse and Cactus isn’t getting used as much as he deserves to be!!(I am no longer in 4-H and I have a bunch of horses I need to sell. Unfortunately you can’t keep them all!!!  Buy this gelding and I guarantee your neighbors will envy you!!

Cactus is currently being used as dude horses at the Shiloh youth ranch and will only be available to view upon appointment. Please email to make appointment