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05' Otoe Chex Too Stud Colt "Buster Brown"


05' Grade Bay/Brown Stud Colt 


Who's My Daddy?? 

This is one FANCY colt!!  Too bad we didn’t know who his daddy was.  I bought "Chexy" in accidental foal, All I know is that his Dad is an AQHA Reg. Long yearling (one of a dozen) she was pastured with. This little guy is an oops!! But the best damn oops I’ve ever seen!! This colt is a powerhouse ... I believe he was put on this earth for a mission... to make some cowboy the best damn mount they ever sat their butt on!! He is conformationaly correct in every possible way!! He won’t break down on you!! I have offered this colt for sale at the time of weaning (about mid April) .. Think of what the 6 months age difference will make in this colts maturity opposed to the 06 foals!!  I know this colt won’t leave you disappointed as he is going to make an absolute wonderful gelding!!!     ~We regret to announce the passing of this wonderful colt, at only 3 months of age, he had already touched us deeply... he will be missed!