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Kilo Kimiko Jack "Black Jack"


88' Reg. Black Gelding


Kilo Kimiko Jack





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Black Jack is a 17 year old Reg. Gelding. We purchased him in 1997 at the Bonnyville Auction Market based solely on his bloodlines. He taught me all my basic-advanced riding skills through the 9 years of 4-H we spent together! He is very well trained and excels in every event!! He is super cowy, been there done that Trail riding, Ranch work, Clinics of all sorts!! Gymkhana's, rodeo grand entries, packed flags!! HES DONE IT ALL!!!!  I even used him when I ran for Grande Center Rodeo Queen in 2001.  He is super flashy, winning me a ribbon in every class I ever entered!! This gelding has alot of eye appeal!!! Even with his age and advanced training he is not suitable for a green rider!  I have really enjoyed my time with him as he was my first real horse!!! I am sad to announce the passing of my dearest friend.  He is sadly missed, but i know he is in a better place, with greener pastures and i know that god will have him on a diet!!!  Love always