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Me & Chexy

Showing "Chexy" in @ Reining Alberta Show

My name is Deanna Lonsberry,

     Born Dec/8/85, I reside part time in Bonnyville Alberta, situated approximately 2.5hrs NE of Alberta’s Capital-City Edmonton & in Lloydminster Sk during the school months. I am in my final year of university, completing my Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 2010. 

I have always been horse crazy since the day I was born. As a youngster I took Lessons in both English and Western disciplines focusing mostly in western. Throughout my life I have been very fortunate as to be exposed to top Horsemen all around the country.  I was an active member in a very strong Light horse 4-H club for 9 years… building skills that would take me down the line and progress into a confident rider. I have taken many Clinics from skilled horsemen/women such as Colin Balan, Gary Cooper, Dale Dodd, Max Hanson, Darrel Schmidt, J.P. Forget……  Just to name a few.  I have had the opportunity to train under Top Horsemen/women such as: Jim Babcock, DVM Dr. Khris Crowe – Breeding intern 04’ Babcock Ranch, B.J. Ribero – Riding Intern 04’ Babcock Ranch, Jason Hanson, Max Hanson, Elvin Kopp (Both Horses & Dogs) & Gaugler’s QH’s/Colin Balan.  

   I have also had the pleasure of riding with a very talented Non-Pro Mano Angers of Lacombe Ab, Whom I Purchased Miss Cody Acre from.  “Cody” is my superstar …. 


I am also very fortunate to have had the opourtunity to spend the summer of 2008 working for Elvin & Jan Kopp.  This experiance has been a fantastic one for both me and my animals (Horses & Dogs).  Thank you for having the paitents and believeing in me!  

  Each experience has left a lasting impression on me, and helped me get a step closer towards my goal of raising, training, and showing top performance horses!! I hope that I can one day be compared to on the same level as the people I have listed above. They are my mentor’s and guides into the horse industry.

   Thank-You so much for all you have done in my life!! For those who have faith in me, pushed me to always become better at what I do and help to keep me motivated when I get discouraged! For Mano … who constantly gives me guidance on everything from lead departures to shipping semen!! She has always been there for me …. And helps make my goals seem that much more obtainable!!  -I am forever in your debt!!!

  I also need to make a special thanks to a few other people who have influenced me when it comes to horses!!  Dan Bremault- taught me patients and perseverance as well as the 7-games of natural horseman-ship, and last but not least my 4-H leader and mother, Donna Lonsberry for always exposing me to true horse people!! She her-self was a student of arguably Canada’s greatest horsemen Bill Collins.

Cody & Me

Me & "Cody"

Cody & Me